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Welcome to the Evergreen Wellness Center (EWC), a full-service Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic. Through our combination of Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Massage, Qigong Diet and Nutrition, we are here to enrich the quality of your life and help you feel better. EWC offers only the best Traditional Chinese Medicine services by a staff of experienced professionals and nationally certified clinicians to meet your specific need. We invite you to review our services and learn more about how our clinic can serve you.

Dr. Gao's Acupuncture Demonstration

Magic Needle Show

Pain relief with just one needle


Only one needle

January 17, 2004 in Kansas City

Ankle pain

Dr. Yennie twisted his ankle while jogging, so much pain that he was unable to walk.

Sciatic Pain

Jen had sciatic pain that radiated down her leg and into her foot.

Neck pain

Laura had mid-back pain that also caused pain in her shoulders and neck.

Lupus caused neck pain and headache

Stephanie, who suffers from lupus, often has body aches and pains, wasn't feeling right with cloudy mind.

Toe pain from a bunion

Kathy said she had a bunion on her right toe that prevented mobility.

Amazing story of one of our stroke rehabilitation patient

“I had surgery to remove a benign meningioma brain tumor. During or after surgery, I suffered a severe stroke.I do not recall much of anything during the first two months. I could not speak a word. I had difficulty breathing. Eventually, the doctors gave up and told my husband they didn’t think I would live.  I had one health crisis after another. Then, just when all hope seemed gone my husband heard through a friend about acupuncture for stroke victims.  He immediately called a doctor- Dr. Gao trained in TCM to examine me. 
Now the good news … …Within two weeks…only two short weeks, after starting treatments I began to speak.   First it was words, then phrases and then sentences.  I had been locked up inside myself for two months. It was absolutely amazing!”

 Click on the video for the whole story.

Weight Management -- Breathing yourself thin

You’ve spent hours exercising. You’ve denied cravings with dieting. No matter what you’ve tried, there are some extra pounds you just can’t seem to shed. But have you tried…breathing?

KAKE TV introduces you to an ancient Chinese method that doesn’t take a lot of time and is really working for real Kansans.Best of all, there’s no special diet or exercise!

Chi Gong – Breathing Yourself Thin. Click Here for more detail about online class.

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