Acupuncture for Depression and Pain

I am a 49-year-old female. Ten years ago, my mother passed away and thus I began my struggle with Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Fibromyalgia. Then, five years later, my father passed away and I found myself in acute physical pain, not knowing how I would make it through the workday. It was then that I discovered that the physical pain I was having and the emotional pain that had been triggered by my father’s death had a connection. Through the help of a psychotherapist, I realized that repressed emotions from the trauma I experienced in childhood were manifesting themselves physically. I had terrible pain in my neck and shoulders that radiated all the way up to my head. This pain would literally stop me in my tracks, even with the help of prescription pain relievers and frequent trips to the chiropractor. Western medicine didn’t seem to have any answers for me, and I was frightened that I would lose my job because it was so hard to function, let alone think.

That’s when I began looking into Eastern medicine. The Evergreen Wellness Center was just blocks away from my home, so I decided to stop in and see what they had to offer. They told me that I could benefit from massage therapy and acupuncture. I went in for massage whenever possible, and this helped relax my aching muscles. However, I found the most relief from acupuncture. I began seeing Dr. Danny Spoon for this treatment, and was amazed at his knowledge and understanding ways. He seemed to intuitively know how to help me. He REALLY listened to me, keying in on the troubled areas of my body and restoring the flow of Qi to those areas. When pain relievers and chiropractic visits didn’t help, the acupuncture would. The acupuncture not only stopped the pain, but it reversed the chronic cycle of anxiety, depression and pain.

My latest trips to see Dr. Spoon have revolved around anxiety and pain, as physicians are decreasing the dosage of a psychotropic drug that I have ben taking and tends to be addictive. It has been very difficult to lower this medicine. When visiting with Dr. Spoon about the issue, he informed me about withdrawal points on the body that can be helped with acupuncture. By having an acupuncture treatment before a medication adjustment, Dr. Spoon is assisting me in my fight to lower this medicine. With the acupuncture, I don’t even have any withdrawal symptoms, but without it, I have extreme difficulty.

So, my story includes the combination of both Western and Eastern medicine working together in assisting me to better health. For me, both approaches have been necessary. I would never have dreamed that my visits to the Evergreen Wellness Center could help me with everything from depresssion to withdrawal from an addictive drug.

There is one last point I would like to make before closing. I have had acupuncture from other practicing professionals, but I must say that no one was nearly as knowledgeable as Dr. Spoon. Nor have I received the success and amount of pain relief from seeing others who practice acupuncture. Dr. Spoon has always been extremely professional, and seems to go above and beyond the call of duty for his patients. Many times he would give me little hints and exercises I could do at home. His kind and empathetic ways have won me over completely. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to know that when Western medicine fails to help, TCM and Dr. Spoon are there and I can count on them.


Marsha J. Allen

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