Qigong (pronounced Chee Kung) is a method that combines body movement, breath exercise and mental concentration to exercise the body’s vital energy, or “Qi”. In China, Qigong is widely accepted for it’s curative effect, wide range of indications, ease to learn and safety. Today, there are over 200 million people practicing Qigong everyday in China, and it is gaining popularity throughout the world.

During Qigong exercises, you perform body movements to conduct the Qi to the place in which the you are concentrating with your mind. At the same time, different breath techniques are used depending on the exercise purpose. The exercises stimulate and balance the flow of Qi through the body, which helps enhance the body’s immune ability, postpone the aging process and develop the body’s potential.

Qigong has been widely used to treat many chronic diseases and also assist with a variety of issues:

    Back Pain
    Bone Density
    Body Strength/Flexibility
    Hearing or Vision Impairment
    Hypertension (Greater Cardiac Efficiency, Improved Circulation, Stabilize Blood Pressure)
    Immune Cell Activity/Dysfunction
    Kidney Deficiencies
    Mental Health
    Overall Health and Well Being
    Sexual Dysfunction
    Weight Management

      Qigong has two approaches. The first is self-healing or self-care. Individuals who want to improve their health do the Qigong exercise individually or in a group under the instruction of a qualified Qigong practitioner’s supervision. The second approach, External Qi healing, is a process whereby the Qigong practitioner’s energy is used to stimulate and balance the patient’s Qi so that illness can be healed. Both types of Qigong Therapy have been beneficial in treating individuals with respiratory, digestive, circulatory, urogenital, motor system and mental imbalance.

      If you would like to find a way to prevent disease, maintain good health and assist your body in its healing processes then Qigong may be an alternative for you.

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